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Project Synopsis...

"A group of diverse artists from Vancouver BC, will embark upon a mobile art project, dubbed "Photoshoot Road Trip," that will take us on a journey along the beautiful West Coast of Canada. We plan to travel as one band of artists in order to create a documentary style Art film that will showcase the incredible range and talent of the current Vancouver artists community, and bring attention to some of the regions cultural & environmental issues along the way. We will also document our wild, humbling, ugly and beautiful experiences on film! Starting from Vancouver, Canada's 'city of glass', and ending at one of the worlds quaintest surf towns, Tofino. We will feature the various amazing natural landscapes of this region as the perfect backdrop for our Art film project based along British Columbias magestic West Coast."


What is Photoshoot Road Trip?

Photoshoot Road Trip is a documentary style Art Film about a talented team of Professional Artists on the road, producing artistic collaborative photoshoots along the way. Set along beautiful British Columbias majestic west coast, featuring all local talent from models and photographers to makeup artists & bodypainters. We plan to bring attention to local environmental & cultural issues, along with the undoubtedly hilarious antics of Artist friends on the road. We plan to document through video and photography, all aspects of creating and capturing art while travelling as a band of artists. Starting in Canadas own 'Glass City', Vancouver and ending in the world renowned & spectacular surf town of Tofino.


Who is Photoshoot Road Trip?

Photoshoot Road Trip, a documentary style Art Film is a creative collaborative spear headed by Director/Producer, Artist Jennifer Little. A published Makeup Artist & Model, Award Winning Bodypainter & Creative Director, along with her team of professional Photographers, Videographers, Makeup&Bodypaint Artists, Models, Designers, Hair Stylists, Sound & Editing team all from Vancouver BC. Their work combined has been featured extensively in TV & Film, Fashion & Entertainment, and published a multitude of times around the world.

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